Who are you in Naruto?

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::Test:: v ktorom zistíš kto by si bolA v Narutovi,ako by si sa volala a aký by si mala charakter =)

you got izumi
BF- Itachi BFF- Dekani,saki,temari
What naruto students think
Naruto-i like her
Sasuke-i hate her
Sakura- i hate her too.
Ino- i hate her
shikamaru- shes cute
Choji-to skinny
Kiba- she plays akamaru
shino- i dont like her because she steps on my bugs all the time.
hinata- i like her shes nice to me
neji- shes mean to me
tenten- we train together
lee-shes half full of youth...
gaara- she doesnt talk to me much but when she does shes nice...
temari-shes my friend
kankuro- she likes my hat
kakashi- shes ok
iruka-shes annoying
Gai- shes mean to me T.T
Baki- i like her
Kuriana- shes ok
Asuma- i like her alot
Tsunade- she doesnt talk much
Izumi's Personality
Hyper, just not as much as Naruto. Likes to play pranks, and can sometimes be moody.
Izumi's Story
How Izumi met itachi

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1 Momoko-chan Momoko-chan | Web | 5. srpna 2007 v 22:45 | Reagovat

HEm,jsem Jirayova adoptivní dcera Saki!!!XD LOL Vybrala jsem jen to nejlepší,jako že jsem podle toho Kisameho propleska rybou...XD No a chodim se Sasorim :o)

Saki's Story

Saki is from tough luck one day when walking through a strange village coverd in blood she ran into a huge white haired man named Jiryia. He adopted her. When saki turned 4 she went walking in the woods where she found a young girl around her age coverd in bruises and blood. Saki carried her home where they adopted her too.

How Saki Met Sasori

Saki was walking with Dekani one day. Dekani stopped by a cave to say hello to the wolves that had took her in when she was young. Saki walked off deeper into the woods. A guy walked out into the clearing where she was at and asked her opinon on art. Saki told him that art was beautiful and lasted forever. They started up a conversation about art. Saki told him she had to go but would see him again.


Naruto - shes nice to me i like her..... her boyfriend scares me though

Sasuke- she doesnt annoy me so were friends

Sakura- well she helps me hang with sasuke so where friends.

Shikamaru- shes nice but mean to me she calls me a chicken

neji- she kicked me in a place i dont liked being kicked because i was mean to hinata...

gaara- i like her..

Jiyia- shes my adopted daughter.....she almost killed me for peeping at tsunade

Kisame-she slapped me with a fish

2 Sakura-chan Sakura-chan | Web | 6. srpna 2007 v 11:38 | Reagovat

sem kamarádka Saki Dekani  sasuke se ze mě počůrává strachy a gaara se schováva když mě vidí, porazila sem dokonce shikamara v go ..

you got Dekani.

BF:Dei Dei (Deidara **dekani-grrrrrrrrrrrrr**

BFFs- Saki Suki and Izumi

What naruto charicters think of you.

Naruto- shes kinda creepy and i know she can kill me if she wanted to....i shall beat her BELIEVE IT!

Sasuke- i find her a bore.**secretly wets his pants at night**

Sakura-**still hiding under a rock**

Lee-she has no youth just hate

tenten-shes ok i like training with her....but i still have a scar from last time.

Neji-i wouldnt want to get on her bad side.....or good side.

Choji- she stole my donut T.T.

Shikamaru - she keeps calling me fuggly and she beat me at go.

Ino- she tried to kill me for the fifth time today **dekani- no ino if i wanted you dead ud be dead.** **ino wets her self**

hinata- shes nice to me

kiba- she is HOT

shino- she likes training with me and my bugs.

temari-shes alright i guss.

kakurou- i want her.

gaara- i could kill her any day **hides everytime he sees her**


Kakashi- shes alright in my book.

Iruka- she scares me.

Gay*(gai)- she said she would takee my power of the youth and shove it up my a*s

Asuma-im still not over how she beat shikamaru so easly at go...

Kuriana- no comment.

Baki-hehe she scares gaara

Tsunade- lets keep her on the good side.

Orochimaru and Kabuto - we need her body....


Leader- she should join.

Itachi - my sharingan doesnt work on her.....she laughed at me....and called me weasel T.T

Kisame- she fed fish sticks...they where good

Zetsu- she threatend me with a weed waker.....she chased me with it once

Dei Dei- haha shes not mean to me i love her.

Sasori- i just ignore her...

Hidan- she cut me in half once....then laughed.....all becuase i took her cookie..

Kakuzu- she calls me frankenstein....it turned me on...

Tobi- she said i was a good boy!!

What Dekani's Like

Well as you can see she is a good fighter,can be evil, very destructive, can be misunderstood.

Dekani's past

Dekani's mom died giving birth to her, and her father beat her till she was 1 week old. She killed him and the rest of her clan with the help of her two demons. Kelto the 12 tailed wolf and Loki the 13 tailed tiger demon. She was raised by wolves and then adopted when she was 4. She was beaten by them and adopted again by Saki's family, who found her. Dekani graduated the acadamy when she was 5. She skipped Chunnin altogether and became the head of ANBU when she was 12. She left the village when they found out about her demons.

How she met Deidara

Dekani was walking slowly in the forest when she heard a boom and a cry for help. She ran towards the noise helping the person to safety. Walking through the destruction Dekani found a man whos name was Deiadra. When she asked...."what explosion did u use?" that started a new bound between them.

age- 16

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